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Why Choose Dr. O'Malley?

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Dr. O’Malley delivers high value for your audience with low stress for you. Her content is practical, her real life examples unforgettable and her style humorous and graceful – a winning combination for everyone!

By sharing the challenges she faced as an emergency room doctor, she brings a unique perspective to overcoming adversity, problem-solving and team building.

Audience members easily identify their own situation to her stories and leave with practical tools they can apply to become peak performers both personally and professionally.

Most Requested Presentation Topics

Leadership Lessons from the Emergency Room

This thought-provoking and humorous presentation is designed to help you redefine your role as a leader and understand the impact your decisions make on teamwork, morale, and productivity.

As a former emergency room doctor, every time she stepped onto the ER floor, Dr. O’Malley was leading a different team. The patients, staff and challenges were different, but the fundamental leadership principles remained the same.

By blending storytelling and practical insights, Dr, O’Malley will help your team:

  • Gain insight into your current leadership style and embrace new approaches for growth

  • Build collaboration and trust so that every team member can excel

  • Value and recognize the accomplishments of others

  • Learn communication skills to deliver good and bad news effectively

  • Inspire, motivate and empower team members around a common vision of the future

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How to be a Tough Cookie

Drawing on her own experiences of personal and professional setbacks and challenges, Dr. O’Malley delivers a powerful message of triumph over adversity with humor and grace.


Focusing on themes of perseverance, personal responsibility, and possibility, Dr. O’Malley outlines the strategies that transformed her from college drop-out and secretary to an emergency room doctor and entrepreneur.


Audience members easily identify their struggles to her story and leave with practical tools they can apply to their own lives for immediate results.

Audience Members Learn:

  • The secret to becoming unstoppable

  • The keys to overcoming obstacles and turning adversity into reinvention

  • How to embrace failure and risk and inspire others to do the same

  • Problem-solving strategies to turn your mess into success

  • How to manage competing priorities with grace and charm


Located in Madison, CT 

203 689-3090

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